Monday, May 16, 2011

Kaged Creation

Manly Men
I was going through my normal blog roll, and stumbled across a video which led me to this site.  There is just something about creating something out of nothing with your hands (as opposed to magic...copperfield you rascal) that allows one to feel a very specific and focused sense of accomplishment.  Now, I feel that a disclaimer is in order, I am not a very "manly" dude.  I can't work with wood, or hang cabinets, or work on my car and maybe that's why videos like this, or men like this I should say provoke a severe sense of admiration and envy in me.  Is it just that those who can't do wish that they could, or do those that can ("manly" men) love doing these manly things because they feel the same sense of accomplishment?


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