Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Kaged Reality

Man, its been a long time since I sat down to intentionally write down my musings and conceptualizations of my life.  Okay, so maybe my commentary on handmade leather items, and hipster culture aren't exactly literary gold, but up until recently those were pretty much what I thought about.  Those were the things I  spent time, or should I say wasted time thinking about.

I realize that for the normal person, thinking about these things isn't really that big of a deal.  For the normal person, wondering if there is a separate "cat reality" where there is a cat Obama, and a Cat Mona Lisa isn't that  (this may have been a bad example of thought stream to use in a sentence with the word "normal") big of a time suck.  For me, however, these thoughts could very easily take up most of my day.  Multitasking is something that God did not see fit to bless me with (Vanessa would whole heatedly support this).  That said, Vanessa and I have been experiencing a lot of fairly significant Lifestyle changes that have forced me to reassess the value in what I think about, care about and more importantly, spend time worrying about.

Recently, my Vanny and I have decided have began the emotional journey to Foster Parenthood.  We are actually only a few weeks away from finishing our MAPP classes and being even closer to being licensed to be parents, isn't that a weird thing to say?  In fact, weird is a great descriptor to apply to my current state of mind and body, I just feel weird. The more i attempt to process this feeling of "weirdness", the more I start to understand that it would probably be more disconcerting if I felt nothing.  It would be way more comfortable and much easier to understand if I felt as though I was completely prepared for what God has in store for Van and I, and the tiny hearts and minds that will be in our care for an undetermined amount of time.  But good grief, I am so not prepared(please re-visit previous comment about separate cat reality).    I trust my wife, and I trust God (the best a tiny brained human can) and I trust that this place I am in is going to leave me as soon as that first tiny human is placed in our home.  God knows my heart, and he knows my spirit, therefore I believe with all of my heart that all of my worry, and feeling of unpreparedness and inadequacy will be suddenly less important when there are toys strewn about the house, and when I am suddenly more interested in playing with the kids, than spending time reading men's style blogs.  There will be failures, and we will have to learn fast, but  God has given me an amazing partner (hey boo), and a desire to serve.

"Now there are many varieties of gifts, but the same Spirit; and there are many varieties of service, but the same Lord; and there are varieties of activities, but it is the same God that empowers them all.
1 Cor 12:4-6


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Kaged Confession

I have a confession, or two.  First off, I am a crappy blogger.  At least I know this.  I told myself that I would stay on top of this, and be diligent about giving my followers some cool and different content.  Well, I dropped the ball on almost all of those counts, but I am back at least for today, so lets just focus on that super positive fact and move on.
This next confession is less surface and was born more out of constant self reflection and meditation (actually I was thinking about it whilst I two-sied yesterday).  I think I posess all the tools to be a great hipster, but I am severely lacking in the spirit.  I am constantly accused (yes it is almost always accusatory) of being a hipster for the way i dress, the music I like, my facial hair choices and pretty much my general likes and dislikes across the board.  That said, there are several things that have started to make me doubt this "hipster lifestyle" everyone seems so ready to accuse me of living.

his name is probably Dexter or Rufus.
-PBR is gross.  This statement would get me beat up by an hipster that heard me utter it in public, I mean "beat up" in figurative terms...these are hipsters we are talking about.       

-I actually care about things.  I very rarely feel apathetic, especially about things that matter, like religion, politics or the Golden Girls.

-Irony is not the motivation for every decision I make.  My facial hair is never ironic, its always very serious.

- I have way more than 2% body fat...wait, is that why they drink PBR?

I could go on, but I think I have made my point.

God Speed,

Monday, May 16, 2011

Kaged Creation

Manly Men
I was going through my normal blog roll, and stumbled across a video which led me to this site.  There is just something about creating something out of nothing with your hands (as opposed to magic...copperfield you rascal) that allows one to feel a very specific and focused sense of accomplishment.  Now, I feel that a disclaimer is in order, I am not a very "manly" dude.  I can't work with wood, or hang cabinets, or work on my car and maybe that's why videos like this, or men like this I should say provoke a severe sense of admiration and envy in me.  Is it just that those who can't do wish that they could, or do those that can ("manly" men) love doing these manly things because they feel the same sense of accomplishment?


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Kaged Entrepreneur

I know what you are saying.  Wow Grant, another denim video?  Well, this is indeed the second denim manufacturing video that I am posting, but I am posting this video with far different intent.  Listen to the words, and appreciate the creation just like the last video, but notice the subtle differences.  Notice the cool space, the history of this company, the very different view of success they have and also notice the giant chest of buttons....its awesome!  Enjoy.


The Forecast | STRONGHOLD from on Vimeo.

Monday, April 4, 2011


I am back!  Yay, you better be saying yay.  I have been super busy as of late.  I have been in school after school. High School classrooms tend to be a true test of self confidence, and often times a great source for my self reflection.  In one of my classrooms the other day a volunteer made a comment that made me think.   It was a fairly benign comment in comparison to some of the honest quips teenagers seem to be built for, yet it got m thinking.  "Man, you have a lot of stuff in your pockets" a man in plaid pants (yeah, plaid) said to me.  I was somewhat taken aback, and responded with something like "thank you?".  I guess I hadn't ever thought about it.  I suppose I do carry more than most, but less than some.
The contents of a man's pockets says a lot about who that person is and what they care about.  I still have no idea what my "essentials" say about me, but I hope it has something to do with being ruggedly handsome and dangerously intelligent, but I am sure it has more boring connotations.  None the less, I carry what I like, and what I need.  I have titled  the picture of my pockets contents (in true Emily Henderson fashion) stylized functionality.  Vanny, that "Secrets from a Stylist" reference was just for you.

Leatherology initialed wallet, 32gb iphone, keys and awesome free keychain, RSA token from work, Vasoline chapstick, Swiss Army Pocket Knife, Waterman Pen, Handmade Chambray Pocket Square, Vintage Omega Seamaster Watch

Take a look at the contents of your pockets.  What do the contents say about you?  Also, check out this blog, and take a look at the crazy contents of pockets everywhere.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Kaged TGIF

So, its Friday.  I am swamped at work, and I have had a really hard time finding time to Blog.  It's shameful, I know.  Never the less, I present you with an amazing video that is inspiring on several levels (one of them being the sturdy mustache being sported by Taylor).  If you hate good music or have the attention span of a cocker spaniel then at least hang on until around 3:27 for something really great.  Happy Friday everyone!

Local Natives "Who Knows, Who Cares?"


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Kaged Self Deprecation

Almost a year ago my wonderful wife truly became obsessed with blogs, specifically design blogs.  I blame her sister for the influence, but at least we have a nice looking home now, right?  Well, that love of blogs slowly crept into my life, and now I, myself am a friend of the blog.  I don't read home design blogs, mind you.  I leave that up to Vanny.  I have found a blog that I enjoy reading daily, and to be honest it has greatly helped me learn to be comfortable with who I am.  There are three blogs that are directly responsible for my own blog creation, and "the Hipstercrite" is most definitely most directly responsible.

She lives in Austin (perhaps my favorite city), she is a member of my generation, she has a great sense of humor and lastly, she is able to make fun of the box that people in my generation who listen to a certain type of music, dress a certain way and have spectacularly groomed facial hair (you realize I am describing myself right) are so often put into.

The box labeled Hipster is a box I have been trying to climb out of for years.  Who likes to be labeled?  Not this guy!  But my efforts were futile.  Never was the futility more evident than in my workplace.  I like to dress nice, I wear big glasses, apparently my musical taste is strange and I don't waste time or energy every morning shaving (please see grooming comment above).  I give up.  I can't fight it anymore.  So, instead I will follow the lead of my blogger friend (in reality she has no idea that I exist) and self deprecate until it isn't fun to talk about anymore.

In the spirit of said deprecation, I leave you with a youtube video that does it for me.  Enjoy, and please "Put A Bird On It".