Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Kaged Confession

I have a confession, or two.  First off, I am a crappy blogger.  At least I know this.  I told myself that I would stay on top of this, and be diligent about giving my followers some cool and different content.  Well, I dropped the ball on almost all of those counts, but I am back at least for today, so lets just focus on that super positive fact and move on.
This next confession is less surface and was born more out of constant self reflection and meditation (actually I was thinking about it whilst I two-sied yesterday).  I think I posess all the tools to be a great hipster, but I am severely lacking in the spirit.  I am constantly accused (yes it is almost always accusatory) of being a hipster for the way i dress, the music I like, my facial hair choices and pretty much my general likes and dislikes across the board.  That said, there are several things that have started to make me doubt this "hipster lifestyle" everyone seems so ready to accuse me of living.

his name is probably Dexter or Rufus.
-PBR is gross.  This statement would get me beat up by an hipster that heard me utter it in public, I mean "beat up" in figurative terms...these are hipsters we are talking about.       

-I actually care about things.  I very rarely feel apathetic, especially about things that matter, like religion, politics or the Golden Girls.

-Irony is not the motivation for every decision I make.  My facial hair is never ironic, its always very serious.

- I have way more than 2% body fat...wait, is that why they drink PBR?

I could go on, but I think I have made my point.

God Speed,

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