Friday, January 21, 2011

Kaged TGIF

It's FRIDAY!  Huzzah!  I have been swamped at work, so blogging has fallen by the wayside (anyone know why this term means what it means) this week, and for that I am sorry.  But on this Friday, I wanted to give you a nugget of inspirational coolness courtesy of R. Sargent Shriver who became the founding director of the Peace Corps and was integral to LBJ's war on poverty.  Also, this quote involves a fox, so this is a little bit for you, Vanny. 

"I never ride just to ride. I ride to catch a fox. I play baseball to make the team."

-Sarge Shriver 

Whatever you do, do it with purpose( Unless you are that vampire lady from the Bachelor, and in that case please stop).


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