Monday, January 31, 2011

Kaged Harmony

Pensive Jenny
Before I get too far into this post you should know that my wife is aware and alright with the knowledge I am about to drop on ya'll.  I have a slight crush on Jenny Lewis of former "Troop Beverly Hills" fame and current "musical hell cat" fame.  I feel like that nugget of honesty was important before I continue.

I have been listening to her most recent foray into musicdom and I am so into it (it felt worth noting that she is in love with her band mate).  I realize that there are some fantastic and more intelligent music reviewers out there, so I am going to spare you all the clearly biased and most likely poorly articulated review of this album.  Instead, I started to wonder (aside from my little crush on Miss Lewis) just what it is about her music that appeals to me, specifically in this newest project.  As I considered the various sounds, beats, lyrics, tones and melodies that went into this album it hit me, there was something about the meshing of her voice and his, something about the sound of two people who care deeply for one another creating music that makes it transcendent.

Fleetwood Mac, Mates of State, Edward Sharpe (Alexander) and Jade, Kanye West and himself  there are plenty more, but the fact remains, some of my favorite music is produced by 2 people who love each other just a little more than they love music.  What is it about these harmonies that draws me to this music?  My wife frequently "calls" which songs she thinks I will enjoy the most when we find a new band or listen to a new album, and she is rarely wrong.  So, is it just that I am attracted to a specific type of music?  Am I that musically closed minded, or does this idea of harmonious attraction resonate with you?

p.s.- Vanny, you are way cuter than Jenny.

p.p.s.-  sorry Jenny (just in case you found this blog, you didn't though)


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