Friday, February 4, 2011

Kaged Facination

Oh Beard, How I miss you.
Alright, so maybe I comment on other people's facial hair a lot.  Maybe when I see someone with an amazing beard or mustache it makes me like them, and dream of us being friends, even though I most likely don't know them, and will never see them again.  What's the matter with that?  Until now, I have wondered just that, what is wrong with me?  Why do I respect and daydream over the luxurious locks of wonderfully managed chin whiskers?

(as my high school students would say) Psssh, I don't know.  But I do know this, I am not alone, and here is the proof.  This site is to fellow beard connoisseurs, what "The Sartorialist" or "The Style Blogger" are to clothes hounds.  It's not just about the clothes, though they are more than often amazing, and as for the style blogger, they are often a style inspiration for me.  It's about the people wearing them (or it when speaking of a beard).  There are few things that truly fascinate me more than beards and fashion, but people are one of them.  So, when I find something that is able to encapsulate them all it is such a great experience.  So go check out these blogs, if you already haven't and remember "creepers don't groom their beards".


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  1. Such honesty about your obsessions is refreshing. This is why we are friends. Muchos gracias for keeping up with my crazy blog.

    To communal living in 2012! (side note: your wife is the one who came up with the afore mentioned year, which just happens to be next year... just hope you're all aware of this).