Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Kaged Self Deprecation

Almost a year ago my wonderful wife truly became obsessed with blogs, specifically design blogs.  I blame her sister for the influence, but at least we have a nice looking home now, right?  Well, that love of blogs slowly crept into my life, and now I, myself am a friend of the blog.  I don't read home design blogs, mind you.  I leave that up to Vanny.  I have found a blog that I enjoy reading daily, and to be honest it has greatly helped me learn to be comfortable with who I am.  There are three blogs that are directly responsible for my own blog creation, and "the Hipstercrite" is most definitely most directly responsible.

She lives in Austin (perhaps my favorite city), she is a member of my generation, she has a great sense of humor and lastly, she is able to make fun of the box that people in my generation who listen to a certain type of music, dress a certain way and have spectacularly groomed facial hair (you realize I am describing myself right) are so often put into.

The box labeled Hipster is a box I have been trying to climb out of for years.  Who likes to be labeled?  Not this guy!  But my efforts were futile.  Never was the futility more evident than in my workplace.  I like to dress nice, I wear big glasses, apparently my musical taste is strange and I don't waste time or energy every morning shaving (please see grooming comment above).  I give up.  I can't fight it anymore.  So, instead I will follow the lead of my blogger friend (in reality she has no idea that I exist) and self deprecate until it isn't fun to talk about anymore.

In the spirit of said deprecation, I leave you with a youtube video that does it for me.  Enjoy, and please "Put A Bird On It".



  1. Ahhh! I totally almost sent this video to you yesterday. I watched a few other clips of this on Hulu recently too-Fred Armisen is genius. I LOVE it!

  2. We loved this skit too! Of all the sketches on Portlandia, this one had me laughing the hardest : )