Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Kaged Generations

God has blessed me with the desire to work with teenagers.  Some of you will understand why i refer to that as a blessing, and if you have spent any time around teenagers these days you will understand the frustrations that come with it.  When i was a teenager it was instant messaging and email.  But somewhere along the way email became too slow, and teenagers now are used to immediate satisfaction as the ONLY form of satisfaction.  I heard this poem by Thomas R. Moore on NPR (yes, I realize that only further perpetuates the hipster stereotype) and it really hit home for me, and I may have even chuckled a little out loud, because the scene created in this poem is a scene I swear I have seen before.  Then I thought, "fiddlesticks (edited because my Mom hates it when I say Crap), am I becoming one of them?

The students are seated,
one to a table,
at tables for two,
ears wired,
laptops humming,
cell phones buzzing,
fingers texting,
iPods thumping,
toes drumming,
email flashing,
lattés cooling,
textbooks open,
reading for an exam
in Issues in Contemporary Culture 102.

-Thomas R. Moore


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