Thursday, December 30, 2010

Kaged Fox

Well, its that time of year.  The time when we all say that we are going to change things and most of us do, at least for the month of January.  And so, I decided that instead of the run of the mill "resolution" post I would try something new.  So, this post will be dedicated to my favorite Fox.  These are the 7 things I DO NOT want to change about my sweet Dr. Van Mankin.

See told ya she was beautiful.

#1- I would never change the way she makes me feel about myself.  She makes me feel like I am the most handsome, kind and perfect man on the planet....which is about as accurate as saying that Ke$ha probably doesn't smell bad DISCLAIMER: I do not actually know for sure if Ke$ha smells bad, but man, doesnt she look like she smells like booze and corn chips?

#2- I wouldn't dream of ever changing the way she sings to  animals.  Vanessa loves our family, and that includes Dak the pup and Nora the naughty cat.  Each of them have several songs crafted in moments of joy specifically for their pleasure (even thought when Vanessa sings to Nora she usually gets a little cat tooth nibble as if to say, "you are embarrassing me").  Vanessa even makes up songs about the animals she wishes we owned, like a fox, a tiger and a raccoon.

#3- Change is not in the cards for my Fox's heart.  She has THE most tender and empathetic heart.  So kind that  it is hard for me to understand why she is crying over people she may have never met before.  Facebook has often served as an avenue for tears in our household.  From the death of family pets to the loss of a job, it doesn't matter if she hasn't seen them in a decade, she feels for them.  She has even been known to use her birthday monies ( I am trying out this word in the place of money, let me know how you think its going) to buy someone else a gift, which is something that I, sadly, am not as open to as I would like to be.

#4- Changing the way Vanessa waits until I fall asleep and then invades my side of the bed every night because she likes to snuggle will never happen ( I should not be admitting this one in a semi-public venue).  I know this one seems a bit silly, and if you spend time around us I will have most likely complained about this one, but despite what I say, I like waking up every morning and having her squished up against me.

#5- I would never in a million years change the way my Family loves my Boo.  The word "precious" seems to get thrown around a lot when my Mom references Vanny.  I know that word can have condescending connotations in certain settings, but my Mom is a Texan through and through, and precious is just part of the Texan woman's vocabulary.  But they only reserve it for the truly "precious", and my Fox fits into that Fox Box pretty perfectly.  Oh, and My nieces and nephew are pretty enthralled with her too.

#6- No one could ever change how beautiful she is.  This one may seem a little outwardly focused, but first of all, lets be honest my wife is hot (please see above picture) and secondly, I am not just talking about the way she looks, I am talking about the person she is, Duh.  She looks cute in her long johns, not mention the fact that I am excited to see how cute she looks everyday when she comes home from work, because I happen to be a fan of the way she puts herself together.  Most of all though she is who I want to be one day (except for the lady part).  She is by far the most beautiful person I will ever know.  All those aesthetically pleasing things are just icing on the cake, wonderful icing, but icing that would probably not be near as good if the cake was made of something gross like buffalo hair (gross, yet poignant, right) instead of something wonderful like hugs, and cookies and puppies in halloween costumes (three things i really like).

#7-  Lastly, but most unchangeable is her passion for seeking the Lord and urging me to do the same.  I know that one day our kids will grow up in a house that has been built on Christ.  Not church (the organization/buildings), or rules, or judgment but on an example that is steeped in Love and Compassion.  I have been going through a bit of a disenchanted with church phase, but Vanessa has urged me been consistent in her reminders that there is a place fir us out there.  I know that when I am angry at "Christians" (this was parenthetical on purpose), she will gently remind me that I am human just like them and therefore FAR from perfect.  I know that God is using her to give me a glimpse into what he looks like.

In closing, and only because all of this gushy stuff, though truthful has made me feel a bit open, My Fox is the bees knees.  I love you Vanny.


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