Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Kaged Intent

 Chances are that if you have found your way to my Blog this early in my blogging career, you are most likely my mom, my wife or friends of theirs.  That said, and don’t think I am not grateful for the visitors I do have, starting a blog has proved much more difficult than my original intentions led me to believe it would be.  I set out what I thought to be the most efficient and novice way to begin my foray into the blogosphere in  these (4)  steps.

 Step 1: Figure out what you want to say 

Step 2: Pick a hip, catchy name that carries meaning 

Step 3: Get an account/design the blog 

 Step 4:  Create a literary, journalistic masterpiece using all the amazing and wonderful things I think about and experience.

Pretty easy, right?  Wrongo-Be-Bongo  friends.  It seems I had overlooked some pretty important things when attempting to follow the 4 step process I so elegantly and ignorantly crafted.  In fact I didn’t even make it past the first step before I was quickly seeing that maybe Blogging is for smart people, because what in the monkey butt was I going to say?  I told myself that this Blog would be about fashion, life, love, spirituality, films, music…all the things I enjoy about life, and that is still my intent, but a very frightening thought flashed through my brain, “why would anyone want to know what I thought about any of this stuff?.  I am still using denial puffed up by false confidence in order to move past this one.

Okay, so on to step 2.  It turns out when you are neither hip, nor catchy it is fairly difficult to come up with a name that is worthy of being described as such.  Never the less I mulled it over and came up with “Kaged”.  I will explain further why this name stuck in a later post.

Step 3 was easy.  The end.

Step 4 was in danger pretty quickly.  I am not the most intelligent of people, and as for journalistic prowess well, I am about as journalistic as Lindsay Lohan is classy.  But after some reflection and some procrastination I realized that if there is one thing that I know about it’s what I think and feel.  So, that is what you will get.  It may be more duct taped, then crafted, and more Ninja Turtles comic than literary, but that’s me.

So, here I am world, please be kind and remember I now have a venue to tell the world (my Mom) all about the way I see it.   


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  1. G-Mank! I am honored to be one of your "Great Sites", and even more honored that you used a Christi Garcia original for your photo : )

    Seriously, pumped about your blog. Welcome, friend!!!