Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Kaged Materialism

I suppose that honesty is something that is important when blogging, in fact the more I think about it,  it's pretty integral.  That being said I should tell you that I like things.  I wish I didn't but I do.  So, every week I will post something wonderful that I would one day like to own.  Today is the first installment of this weekly wonder-thing barrage.  Prepare yourself because I am starting off with a bang.

Tanner Goods eyeglass case
Its handmade and therefore, cooler (I’m such a hipster).

And, Bang!  Alright, so bang may not be the most appropriate inflection for this item, but its pretty awesome, right.  I wear glasses every day, all day.  I even have a pair of Rx sunglasses (nerd alert).  Because of my existence in nerd-dom I go through glasses cases pretty quickly.  This particular case is handmade in the United States, which is rad, and I bet it smells great.  Smells are big with me.  Tanner Goods makes all kinds of amazing leather goods.  My (daddy's girl) puppy will one day be the proud (and most likely unaware) owner of one of their dog collars.  She is a simple pup leading a simple life, mostly filled with chasing squirrels until she catches them and then licking them, but every now and then I like to spoil her.  

Check out the link, buy some tanner goods stuff, and if you want to, please remember that Christmas is coming soon, and my birthday is in March.  

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