Monday, December 20, 2010

Kaged Salutations

Much like the band "Nickleback" when attending the Grammy's, I feel like I don't belong.  Yet here I am, ready to contribute my thoughts and questions on life, love, film, spirituality,  literature,  fashion and as I have already established even some musical opinions.  Though I have no true expertise other than perhaps some insight into facial hair growth and grooming, even then its more of a hobby than a true field of study.  I will make it my mission to continue to give you, oh great Blogosphere, the fruits of my mind's labor.

Whether you came here on purpose or a search for an obscure Mexican American Wrestler named Los Kage` has brought you to my humble Blog, thank you for visiting.  I am excited about the possibilities of this blog, and I hope that one day you can say "Man, that post was inspiring and did not in any way make me want to kick this guy in the no no zone."  But until then I will wear an Athletic cup (a giant one, HIYO)(sorry) and hope that you enjoy what I have to say AND this awesome Ryan Berkley print of an Owl in a tie and what I think is a cardigan, although there are people out there who will try to convince you otherwise.

How do you think he tied his tie? 


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